Old Art

A selection of old 3D renders, mostly from the late 90s / early 2000s. They obviously don't even slightly hold up to modern standards in any way, shape or form, but are preserved here for posterity and as an interesting trip down memory lane.

Alas I have since drifted away from the 3D world and so haven't created anything new in some time. Maybe one day...!

Chmmr Avatars attack the Sa-Matra battleplatform.

Animation from late 2000. Probably the high point of my Star Control 3D career.

Earthling Cruiser (WIP)

This model was started in late 2001 but was alas never finished. The picture below is from 2002 and represents the most complete it ever got. I always liked how this model looked, and finishing it was on my "Things to do" list for ages, but somehow it just never seemed to happen.

Shofixti Scout

The Scout model received a minor upgrade around 2010 at the request of someone on the Star Control Discussion Board and this was the result.

Sa-Matra Battleplatform

I always hated trying to model curvy shapes, so why I even attempted this is a bit of a mystery. Turned out OK though all things considered.

Kohr-Ah Marauder

The ship is described as having a hull "carved with strange alien writing". I clearly had no idea how to model this, so just slapped a Klingon font with a bump map on the side instead. What a pro.

Chmmr Avatar

One of my earlier models. Based on the manual line drawing rather than the in-game sprite. The 3D software I was using at the time had an annoying habit of making the models look like they had the texture of denim cloth. Never did work out why.

Melnorme Trader

The program I was using at the time couldn't do lens flares, so the weapon effect here is actually a textured sphere. Came out much better than I expected! The 'denim cloth' effect is very much in evidence here as well.

Ilwrath Avenger

This model was one of the first I ever made, and it definitely shows! I obviously hadn't worked out how to do curves yet, and was trying to create the whole thing with straight lines.

Scouts on patrol

The original version of the Shofixti Scout model. Again, mostly based off the manual line drawing rather than the in-game sprite.

Chmmr Avatar firing

One of my earliest renders, created for a Star Control community art competition. It didn't win! It was used on a Paul 'n' Fred blog post many years later though, which I still can't quite believe to this day.

Why War or Trek when you can Control?

Inspired by a quote in the old EFNet #Starcontrol channel. Clearly put together in a hurry! Not sure who made the Star Wars / Star Trek models - if it was you, let me know so I can give proper credit.

Chmmr Avatar firing 2

This picture suffered from me having the JPG compression turned up way too high. Has seemingly since found a new lease of life as the server image for the New Alliance of Free Stars Discord channel.


The earliest render to feature the Kohr-Ah model. Hadn't figured out explosions yet, so whilst the smaller one actually looks ok, the larger one is an obvious image-on-a-plane. There's a reason I've hidden it near the bottom of this page!

Chmmr Avatar firing test

Finally, a test image from when I was trying to work out how to do beam weapons.

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