Supox Quotes

Whew! I'm glad that's all over.

That was tough, playing second banana to the Utwig.

Now I'm hungry, but I'm sick and tired of sunlight, sunlight, sunlight!

I want some REAL food!!!

Like a hamburger or a steak... better yet

how about a dog!

Greetings Fellow Carbon Creature, may your roots always be well watered.

Hello, Voyager. May the light always reach your leaves.

Welcome. May you always stand in the Great Green Sunlight.

Greetings Gentle-being. Come fix nitrogen, drink deeply

and bask in the warm green sunlight.

I am Captain {Name} from Earth. We come in peace.

I am Captain Ala-la'la. We come in peace.

Our starship is called {Ship name}.

Our starship is called the Tender Shoot.

We are the {Alliance name} from Earth.

We are the Supox Utricularia from Earth.

You're from Earth??? Hey! Are you just copying whatever I say?

Oh yes, we apologize for the confusion, our homeworld is also called Earth,

or more properly Vlik, which means `Perfectly Good and Nutritious Dirt'.

Earth is pretty close, is it not?

Why do you copy our speech and mannerisms?

We learn and we adapt. We are symbionts.

Our first step in making friends is always to copy them.

This is our idiom.

Symbionts, how interesting! Please tell us more.

Our kind evolved on a beautiful planet orbiting the wonderfully green-hued star, Root.

From the canopy of the great jungles to the shores of the azure seas

Our species has flowered and grown well.

Early in our evolution, we adapted to exist in symbiosis with other hardier life, both flora and fauna

which supplied us with nutrients while we supplied them with reproductive assistance.

C'mon, plants can't be intelligent! Our top scientists and science fiction writers have proved it!

Yes. This has been confirmed by our people as well. Strange, is it not?

Many of our people regard this inconsistency as proof of our divine origin.

So this is your neighborhood, huh? Any other sentients nearby?

We share this region of space with the Utwig, the Wearers of Masks.

Are the Utwig friends of yours?

Oh yes, we have a strong cultural bond with the Utwig.

They have been the foundation around which we have grown our starfaring culture.

We are not only allies, but we are also friends.

You should go meet with them. They could use some excitement.

You see, they are a little depressed and morose right now.

Usually they are most festive and fun.

Oh dear, what has caused the Utwig such distress?

They broke their Ultron.

Ultron? What's an Ultron?

The Druuge, the cruel, sallow trading race who sold the device to the Utwig

called the device the `Ultron' and claimed that it would give the Utwig super-powers.

Unfortunately, the Utwig believed the Druuge and bought the Ultron.

However, the device DID make the Utwig very happy.

Of course, we didn't tell them what we REALLY thought of the Ultron

that they were vapid fools to buy a piece of junk for a planet's ransom.

We went along with the falsehood, and in doing so showed our own stupidity.

Then, one sad day a few years ago, the Utwig Proctor dropped the Ultron

during a particularly energetic and festive ritual.

Now the Utwig are morose and depressed.

They feel they cannot ever achieve greatness because they lost the powers of the Ultron.

They even gave the broken device to us, saying that they couldn't stand the sight of it anymore.

We are worried that the Utwig are so depressed that they may use their Ultimate Weapon.

Here! You take the Ultron, maybe you can do something with it.

Er, ah, thanks, I think. What do I do with it?

We thought that if we could get the Ultron working again, it would cheer them up.

So we tried to figure out how to fix the darn thing

or at least get some of the flashing bits working again.

But for all the Druuge's falsehoods, the Ultron IS some kind of artifact

and we could not synthesize the necessary replacement parts.

Perhaps on your journeys you will find these elements and use them to repair the Ultron.

Then you could return it to the Utwig and they might not be so depressed.

Where do you think I can find repair materials for this `Ultron' thing?

Perhaps a good place to start would be the Druuge

since they were the ones who sold it to the Utwig in the first place.

We have fixed the Ultron.

Great! Great!

Oh, dear

It is true that you have repaired the Ultron... somewhat

but it is not yet in the condition which so enthralled the Utwig.

Your efforts are valid, merely incomplete.

We hope we have repaired the Ultron completely.

Yes! Yes!

but no... it is still not quite as brightly lit as it once was.

One more repair job should do it!

We are sure we have repaired the Ultron completely.

Oh Wonderful, Oh Rapturous Light of the Green Sun!

Please convey it immediately to the Utwig, they will be elated!

So how are the Utwig liking their Ultron?

They are beyond ecstatic, well into the range of rapture or perhaps even pegged on epiphany.

If you wish to learn the true depth of their joy, talk with them yourself.

Goodbye Leafy Ones.

Farewell, Friendly Folk!

We're off now! See you later, Supox friends.

May Sunlight and Water always fall upon you.

Hello, Fellow Warriors. We go to uproot our enemies!

Greetings, Garden Guardians. We shall block the Kohr-Ah's sunlight and frost their leaves!

Human! Your presence here is comforting, but perhaps you had better leave the area

our combat with the Kohr-Ah is fierce, and you could be destroyed.

Greetings again, Captain. We hope you thrive.

We fight on bravely, but the course of events does not appear to be moving in our favor.

Ah, our human friend... we are so tired... the battle so difficult...

Hello again, faunal comrade. We are spent, and must grow new bark.

So what are you doing?

Our Utwig allies have instructed us to prepare for combat, and so we make ready!

Our destination is Antares, where we shall face the Kohr-Ah in battle!

We make our way to an epic confrontation with the Kohr-Ah!

So what should we do now?

We must defer to the Utwig, who have superior knowledge of such things.

One thing, though... they specifically instructed us to inform you

that you should NOT endanger yourself by joining us in this battle.

Your destiny, they claim, lies along a more subtle though crucial course.

G'bye plant dudes.

Wish us luck, human.

What happened at Antares? Describe the struggle.

Fearsome, human, fearsome! We have not yet evolved tactics

which are useful against the Kohr-Ah Marauder vessels.

The dark ships launch spinning wheels of metal... we are mown down like

I don't even want to say it... and if we are fortunate enough to close with the ships

ports open up around its perimeter, jetting forth gouts of flaming plasma.

Not only do these flames melt through our hulls like a particularly virulent blight

but they are also an effective defense against our glob weapon.

How fares the battle against the Kohr-Ah?

We are having greater success, human, praise the light!

We have learned that we must work in tandem with our Utwig allies

letting them absorb the brunt of the Kohr-Ah firepower on their shields

while we play the role of opportunist, striking only when the Kohr-Ah is de-energized

and then retreating to permit our Utwig allies to renew the cycle.

Even as we speak, the Utwig and Supox fleets streak toward Horologii

where they hope to strike a major blow against the Kohr-Ah forces.

Hello Captain.

We fought the Kohr-Ah and, well, perhaps it's better to say that the Kohr-Ah killed us.

Our buddies the Utwig did some pretty serious damage to several fleets, but we mostly just watched helplessly.

The Ur-Quan did not seem to realize that we were helping them, and as often as not they attacked us too!

We may have delayed the outcome of the fight, but it still seems clear that the Kohr-Ah are winning.

Tell me more about the battle with the Kohr-Ah.

At the sides of our Utwig allies, we met the Kohr-Ah.

The destructive power of the black ships was greater than anticipated

however we did eventually develop tactics in conjunction with the Utwig

that were effective against them. We destroyed dozens of their battleships!

Alas, we lost many of our blade-brothers to the spinning blades and the fiery ring.

As dictated by the Utwig, our policy was to focus our weapons on the Kohr-Ah only.

In this way, we would reduce the strength of the black fleet, thus evening the balance of power

between the Ur-Quan and the Kohr-Ah. The plan worked well, save for one slight factor.

The green ships... the Ur-Quan failed to notice our efforts on their behalf

and fired upon our vessels at every opportunity.

Have your fighting forces learned anything I should know?

No, not as yet. Although the region of space they are fighting in is new to us

our vessels are not engaging in any form of research

reducing the Kohr-Ah's strength is their prime directive.

During the battle, one of our ships intercepted a signal

from an Ur-Quan vessel to a Kohr-Ah ship.

The contents of the message was simple, `Sa-Matra'.

Immediately after receiving the broadcast, the Kohr-Ah vessel disengaged from combat

entered HyperSpace and sped off in the direction of the Crateris stars.

So now what do we do?

We can only hope that the opposing forces of the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah

are sufficiently even in power, that they reduce each other to insignificance.

Our hopes that the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah would destroy each other have been in vain.

Once victorious, the Kohr-Ah will proceed on their grim cruise of destruction.

I believe you and your people are our only hope now.

You must find some way to stop the Kohr-Ah.

Two leaves pull water from the same root.

Such wisdom! Your meanings run deep, we ponder their significance...

Ah, yes! You wish us to give you assistance... such as our fighting ships!

Your words have merit. We shall dispatch a pod of our starships to join your fleet.

Yet, you seem to possess a fleet in concert with your need.

We will reserve what few ships we have left for our final defense against the Kohr-Ah.

Is there any knowledge which you alone possess?

Knowledge is the purview of the Utwig. We Supox are but the effectuators.

In truth though, we have learned a fact or two unknown to others

largely because we did not think anyone would care in the slightest, but since you ask, listen.

We have not fared far from our region of space, but we have explored this region thoroughly.

Of all the oddities we have found, from the firefalls of Nalnar to the servants of Mali

the truest mystery was the nature of a world we found at the orange star, Beta Leporis.

As a general rule, we prefer not to dwell in such long-wavelength regions

as the light lacks tang, but we were on a mapping mission. That was when we found the planet.

At first we thought our scanners had failed, for they showed us a world of chromatic aspect.

Then we located the source of our malfunction... the planet itself!

Somehow the planet generates a field of unusual radiations which scramble delicate circuitry.

Though blazing hot, we attempted a landing. Before we were forced off the surface by the intense heat

we registered the presence of huge amounts of processed radioactives.

Strange, is it not?

What do you think we should do now?

We are but humble plants, mere saplings in knowledge of such things.

If you seek wisdom visit the Utwig Proctors.

Goodbye Supox. Thanks for everything.

Fare thee well.

Hail, Fellow and Well Met. We trust that your seed distributes widely.

Be Welcome, Friendly Allies. We hope that the Good, Green Sunlight warms you.

Greetings and Salutations. May the fertilizer flow on your roots.

Hello there, Good Folk. May your flowers always be pollinated.

Why thanks. You know you remind me of Broccoli, and I'm rather partial to Broccoli with a light cheese sauce.

Arrgh, you hideous monsters, vegetarians, defilers of the leaf!

Begone, or we shall uproot you!

So it is you, the blockers of the warm green sunlight

the water poisoners

the heinous uprooters of flowering shrubbery.

Begone before our wrath overcomes our peaceful nature.

You diandrous, malefic vegetarians!

Your visage darkens our skies.

May your rotting bodies provide nutrients for kinder generations.

We ignore you, as we ignore the pale, tasteless light of your wan home star.

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