Pkunk Quotes

Ah, a final parting with our favorite seeker of enlightenment... how sad.

But wait! This doesn't have to be the end!

We have established a conduit from the realms of our Harmonic Awareness directly to you!

You can use this channel to ask us questions about your past lives, or your future destiny!

Just call 1-900-PKUNKRA

That's 1-900-PKUNKRA, 24 hours a day!

Only two bucks per minute.

(children under 18 must have parental permission before calling.)

Wait! A spirit voice rings within my soul!

It tells me that I must give you something.

What, spirit? What must we give this young creature?

Mineral resources?... no. Important secrets?... no. Starships?... no.

Then what IS it spirit, spit it out!

What?!... that thing? Are you sure? Okay.

Here you go, alien. Take this Clear Spindle.

It is an ancient and powerful device built by the Precursors hundreds of thousands of years ago.

What does it do, you ask?

I haven't the slightest idea.

Now, alien, it is important that we continue our conversation

as though this exchange never happened.

Welcome to our home stars. We are the Pkunk. Pkunk we are.

Seekers of the deepest truths, askers of interesting and significant questions.

Even now a question of great transcendental significance comes unbidden to our minds.

Who are you and what do you want?

We are friendly beings who seek to establish cordial relations with your species.

Although we Pkunk have no rank, no pecking order, no arbitrary scheme of dominance

we do recognize that some of the souls in this universe have lived many lives

while others are but spiritual tyros.

I, Captain, have lived thirty-eight lives

a paltry number compared to those wise and ancient souls who guide our race.

You must consult them, Captain. They will help you to understand yourself

and in doing so, understand others... who in turn may or may not understand other things.

Seek those wise birds at our homeworld, at Gamma Krueger I. They have all the answers.

We are dedicated to fighting the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. Can you help us?

Seek the wise ones at our homeworld, Captain.

Go to Gamma Krueger for your answers.

Hey! Bird-brains! Got any fruit loops? Har-har-har!

Ah, an insult... a sometimes necessary and constructive release of tension.

Now perhaps you feel better, and we can deal with your real problems.

You must obey my commands. Fulfill my every whim!

Though you are far too crude and stupid to realize this, Captain

we ARE fulfilling your every whim, your every desire.

It is just that you do not know what you really want. We do.

Why even now, your soul touches mine and I become aware that deep down inside

you wish us to punish you for your arrogance and bellicosity.

We welcome you to our space, perversely misguided spirits of hostile intent that you are.

Perhaps it is simply that your species does not comprehend such subtle concepts

as the unification of the inner self child with the universal love stream.

So sad.

Perhaps if we put it in terms you could understand

Killing bad, bad.

Is that better?

Greetings aggressive ones.

We extend our wing tip to you in a gesture of unwarranted compassion.

Open your heart and become one with your happy self.

Let us help you. Let us heal you. Let us love you.

Don't be afraid of love. Are you afraid of love?

Are you afraid of yourself? We love you... friend.

Whoopdy Dee and Trolly Bazoo!

This is what I say when I am in a good mood.

Are you in a good mood today?

Please allow me to give you some advice.

Rather than become tense, and fire weapons at other people's ships

simply say, `Whoopdy Dee and Trolly Bazoo!'

You will feel much better and you will be much more popular.

You are what we Pkunk call the `spiritually disenfranchised'.

I'm not sure why we call you that, because you don't seem disenfranchised to me

just incredibly violent.

Anyway, my empathic senses tell me that there is yet hope for you

if only you would admit to your emotional depravity.

I have no patience for this absurd idiocy. Prepare yourselves for battle!

So, you choose the dark path.

I am saddened, and yet I feel a certain exhilaration, for with your destruction

the universe will be a better place, and it will be I who cause the change.

Tell me, why do you transmit insults during battle?

Unlike certain other species, we Pkunk are an inherently peaceful and loving people.

Combat does not come easily to us.

In order to be at all effective, we find it necessary to whip ourselves into an emotional frenzy.

I require information about your species. Comply at once!

Information regarding our species? How nice of you to ask.

Well, first of all, our species doesn't go around demanding information from other species.

Do you know why? Because it's not nice.

In fact, I don't think it's going too far to say it's really RATHER rude.

Hello! Is anybody there? You are a sentient species aren't you? Forget it. I'm leaving.

Perhaps what you need is some time to yourself, alien

time to dwell on your arrogance and general thick-headedness.

Enjoy your solitude, alien. Prolong it as much as possible.

Please forgive my past actions. We should be friends.

Forgive? We Pkunk are hardly in a position to forgive. We ourselves are but

spiritual wayfarers on the road to perfection. Admittedly, we are approaching

the end of the road, while you are still leaving the driveway -- but we are all

travellers together.

Sorry about killing you guys and stuff. I'll try not to blow up any more of your ships.

That's all anyone can do... try. We absolve you of your past wrong-doings.

And please, do not thank us. We have taken pity on you and helped you to change

your inner self because we have chosen to heal ourselves and we are you and you

are us, therefore we help only those who heal themselves, and are thereby

helping others. You see?

If you wish our assistance, you should consult with our wise ones

at our homeworld. It's coordinates are 52.2, 52.5.

There! Don't you feel so much better now that we've cleared the air

and can completely trust each other, friend?

What's news?

If there was such a thing as a coincidence I would say

`What a coincidence that you should ask!'

As it is, everything is for a reason. Clearly you ask because you are meant to ask.

Just as I am meant to tell you that there are several fine Pkunk ships

waiting for you at our homeworld. Use them in good health, and with love.

Ahh, vague omens and mysterious portents. Tangled webs of fate

intertwined with the branches of destiny, blown by the capricious winds of happenstance.

News, news....uh, actually there is some news!

It so happens that it has come to our attention that Dogar and Kazon

the two gods of the Ilwrath, may actually NOT exist!

The commands from deific duo of devastation to the Ilwrath may be some kind of weird trick

perpetrated by an unknown agency to send the Ilwrath down on us.

News? Here is news.

Did you know that the lovely Clear Spindle which we keep at out homeworld

(unless we have already given it to you)

is actually part of a larger device which has three other pieces?

The function and origin of this alien artifact are unknown to us

but we thought that the charming little Spindle, on its own, made quite a handy paperweight

not to mention a catchy conversation starter. So clear and so pretty.

Well, we are quite sure now that Dogar and Kazon are a hoax.

Aside from never having seen them on the 4th astral plane where most gods like to hang out

we also recently went back and listened carefully to a recording of one their broadcasts

which was sent to the Ilwrath on HyperWave channel 44.

We were able to detect some giggling at the end of the message.

Someone out there is playing some kind of joke on the Ilwrath. Or is it a joke on us?

We're not quite sure, but it may be awhile before we can look back and fully appreciate the humor.

I believe we may have mentioned that the clear spindle thing-a-ma-jig

has three other pieces that fit together with it.

Just the other day one of our psychics, while in the Trance of Plam Prikky

cried out the location of one of these curious alien widgy whatsits.

Perhaps you are interested. Just before she fainted she said

`A Sphere of Rosy Color, a Ball of Red

grasped by the greedy hands of a Foul Race deep in Persei. The sphere waits.

In a tiny voice it calls for its two mates.

`Where are you, where are you, Clear Spindle Thing-a-ma-jig and other thing?.'

Back to the Clear Spindle business, we have had another telepathic revelation regarding this.

This time, an old and venerable Pkunk named Awkky Birdy has had a dream sent to him by his spirit guide, Bosco.

In the dream, Awkky Birdy is surrounded by a sea of young Pkunk Females

who all want nothing more than to mate with him, in a passionate ceremony of Blissful Yompin.

Awkky Birdy is overcome. He hesitates, and the females rush forward and swarm over him.

Uh... the Clear Spindle, yes I am coming to that.

Just as he is about to pass out, Awkky Birdy sees a Clear Spindle, a red orb, and a blue twisty thing

all spinning around a pointy gold thing above his head.

In a fit of ecstasy he screams out the word, `DRACONIS!!!!'

and then the lights dim, and with a smile on his face Awkky Birdy sleeps.

Quite a dream, eh?

Yes. We have good news! Well, that is to say, we have no news.

But it is good news.


This is your expression, human Captain. We Pkunk do not pretend to understand it.

I am afraid that our good, no-news is still the same.

I am still having a little trouble defeating the Ur-Quan. Any advice?

Well, not advice exactly, but I can offer you plenty of moral support.

Also, I can tell you about another dream. Yes, perhaps I will tell you

about my dream. In this dream there was a small creature, fragile

and weak. Above it loomed a much larger creature, dark and

foreboding. The large creature was preparing to take the smaller one

into its slavering jaws, when the little one looked up and said,

`Hold! Why do you do this! What you are doing is wrong!'

This made the large creature pause, while it pondered the question.

Then I woke up, and I'm not sure if the little creature got eaten or not.

Come to think of it, it really wasn't much of a dream.

I would have much preferred Awkky Birdy's dream.

Anyway just thought I would tell you about that.

I can only tell you to contemplate the small gobbet stone.

The stone is spewed forth from the gullet of a Wart Wumpet to land in a moving stream.

Does a fish swallow the stone? Perhaps, but that is not the point.

Is the stone round? Yes!

Does it have little disgusting nodules on it filled with slimy viscous fluid?

Only sometimes!

What is the point? The point is clear! Make friends with other species.

Even the nasty Charg beast cannot defeat a pack of Ibids

without the help of 7 or 8 Wrinkle Dogs.

I think you see what I am getting at.

Avoid being disincarnated before your soul is adequately prepared for the transformation.

Seek the path of the trumble cart.

Heavily laden, it rocks and weaves, but does it turn over?

Only occasionally. You see?

Also, one other bit of advice, Captain.

For mundane material concerns, seek the help of the one-eyed beings.

They may be found in supergiant stellar systems.

I've always wanted my fortune told. Would you mind?

Not at all. You are an open book to me.

Ahhh, how quaint your little life is. So refreshing.

Anyway, I see in your future, that you will be jumping across the galaxy

through dimensional doorways which are at your beck and call.

This ability you shall receive from a mysterious, and yet somehow I sense, lovable alien race

called ArilouLaleelay, or LalilouArilay, or LoopylooHappyday, or something like that.

Also I sense that you will have 14 children, and die at an early age.

Let me call upon the spirits of light. Spirits of Light! Hellooo!

Spirits!! Ah yes, I feel them approaching. Spirits of Liiiight

what is in store for this strange but not altogether unpleasing alien creature?....

The Spirits now speak through me - I gaze with a strange intensity


You will have a greaaat baaattllllle

You will almost be destroyyyyed

but because you made friends with a certain birdlike race

they will come to help you at the last minuuuute.

Ah, the trance is past.

I gaze into the all that will be.

I follow the tiny thread that is you, Captain.

I see shining rocks that sleep. They are annoyed.

Someone is making a great explosion of light. They awaken!

They are powerful. They face the one who disturbed them.

Captain, that one wears your face.

Through the haze I see beautiful humanoid women

who have been driven from their home.

I see a leg moving back and forth. I see their home planet.

It is ill, infected with a burning disease.

I see you handing the fetching humanoid female a piece of fungus.

She is angry... but not at you Captain. You are smiling at the beautiful woman.

She is smiling back. I see you and the woman... oh... um

I didn't know humans could do that!

The vision ends there.

I'm afraid that the spirits haven't been particularly cooperative in the past few days.

As a matter of fact, our last successful contact with the world beyond

was when my cousin Braky channeled an angry 5000 year-old warrior named Rumdumdaddy.

He explained that the spirits have been so busy answering summonings

pushing around the little Ouija thingies and acting as guides to Astral travellers

that they haven't had a speck of time to themselves.

Through Braky's voice, Rumdumdaddy complained that we should all be more respectful of the dead

and stop hassling them all the time, just leave them alone.

Ever since then, we can't get squat out of the spirit world.

Sorry, no can do. The spirits still refuse to answer our calls

I think they're on strike or something.

We have finally made contact with the `other side'

and I'm unhappy to say that the terms we've negotiated with them

don't really allow for any more looking into your future.


We have exhausted our capacity to foretell your future, Captain. Sorry.

Adios Pkunkos.

Goodbye Captain. When the crystal spheres once more rotate into harmonic union

we shall meet again.

Hello human! We are warm and fuzzy with the news of your return.

What wisdom do you seek today?

Whoopdy Dee and Trolly Bazoo! What a good day I am having.

First my nest mate surprises me with extra fat and spicy grubs for earlymeal

and then I am complimented on my fine display of ceremonial tongs.

To top it off, I encounter the human friend, loved by all Pkunk.

Can things get any better?

The stars are in auspicious alignment, the various significant moons

are in the correct houses, and ambient psychic energies are in

balance. All is well, and the universe is at peace. Well, actually

2/3 of our civilization has been decimated by the Ilwrath, but besides that

all is well. It is good to see you again.

Human! I was just thinking of you! Ah, but I see you are not

surprised, and why should you be? Amazing psychic occurrences are

commonplace for us Pkunk. I am filled with love at the sight of you.

Perhaps we can converse together, or just coexist for a few special


So fledgling, you have returned for your spiritual training. You seek

to be as we Pkunk are. An admirable if somewhat naive goal.

Of course, as a loving parent I must push you from the nest. Try as

you might to cling to the side, I must step on your fingers and kick

you over the edge. Ah but I cannot. I see those sad Human eyes,

and I must give in. My love gushes forth.

Captain. We have been expecting you, of course. In fact, you are here because

we wished you to be here. By channeling our psychic energies through a

a transdimensional flux inducer, we are able to affect the low frequency

stream of a soul particle such as yourself, and direct its course.

The only thing is, we can't remember why we brought you here.

Introductions are in order. I am Captain {Name} in command of the {Ship name}.

Yes, yes. We know all that.

We are not known thoughout the galactic sector as powerful psychics for nothing!

Of course we already know the answer to our next question too, but we enjoy conversation

Why have you come here?

We have come to offer you succor. This vessel and its crew are at your service.

I am forming a psychic link with you.

I sense that you refer to our conflict with the Ilwrath.

I sense that you are offering to venture singlehandedly deep into Ilwrath space

and do battle with their vast numbers

and I can see that you give not even a thought to the danger you would be in.

You are noble indeed, and I accept your offer of aid, but in spirit alone.

The karmic burden of your gruesome death would be too great.

Still, I say thank you, Captain.

Let us unite and form an alliance!!

We will provide you with all of the crew, ships, and resources that you desire.

We will give you.....wait! I sense that you are offended by our crass material offer.

Yes, I am ashamed. Any war mongering species could offer this... we are Pkunk!...Children of the Stellar Breeze!

We shall give you what all others could not! The greatest of gifts! We shall give you our love.

Ah, you are speechless. Do not talk now. I can feel the energy connecting us.Let us part while the silence remains. Farewell...

but wait! before we go, we would give you a small token of our love

4 of our meager ships, fully crewed

but alas, you do not possess sufficient room in your fleet for all of the ships we wish to give you.

Ah, well. Such are the vagaries of life...

but wait! before we go, as a small token of our love

not as a material gift, mind you, we give you 4 of our meager ships, fully crewed.

Good luck!

I find myself very curious about your species.

Your curiosity is understandable. We are, after all, a fascinating species.

Of course, modesty prevents me from talking at length.

Perhaps if you were to ask me specific questions, propriety might be better served.

What can you tell us of the history of the Pkunk?

Ah. An intelligent question. But where to begin?

Surely you know that we Pkunk were once one and the same species as the Yehat.

Yes, it's true. We were once brutal birds of prey, oblivious to the mysteries of crystal magic

or the 7 dimensions of psychic beings.

It was not until Weeny Wikki Beeki Birdi sat on the mystical egg of Icelike Temperature

and gave the Original Squawk


that our transformation began.

It was the Squawk


that triggered the Harmonic Oscillations that would lead us to become the enlightened avians that we are.

What about the Yehat? Are you friendly with them?

That depends on how you define friendly.

We love our Yehat brethren, whereas they open fire on our vessels on sight.

Fortunately, our psychic abilities allow us to sense the deep, abiding love

and yes, even shyness in our Yehat brothers and sisters.

How we must have hurt them when we left so long ago.

Soon though, it will be time for the loving reunion

as our destiny is fulfilled and we are once again reunited as one people.

What interesting things can you tell us about your culture?

Just off the top of my beak, I suppose I would say

that our culture could be defined as the ultimate unification

or Oneness if you will

of the extradimensional convergent-chakra being-energies

to form a togetherness self which both is

and is not

a culmination of the now essence.

Do you refer to the Now Essence as an extension of the Cosmic Whole, or as a subset of the totality of Oneness?

An excellent question. The answer is in itself, an answer, containing the explanation you seek.

And more!

Let me just say the revelation includes the mysteries of Pyramid Power

which is merely a subset of the greater and more general Pointy Power.

UFO's and FO's are significant, but their role should not be overplayed.

I'm sorry, but I can be no more specific than that.

Is it true that you can really see into the future?

Yes it's... uh... wait... a vision comes upon me!

A shining light -- a crack in the egg!

A swirling vortex... a tunnel. I see my past lives! Your past lives!

More shining light! Ah, there it is now, the future!

It's coming in clearer. Yes. I see tears. Tears of joy!

They are coming from our Yehat brothers and sisters

who welcome us back to the nest, wings outstretched, beaks stuffed with grubs!

Soon we shall return. Soon.

I'd love to hear more, but... the... uh... Oh, would you look at the time. Bye!

Yes, you are right. I should be careful not to overwhelm you with my psychic intensities

Perhaps we could talk about something less overwhelming, albeit less interesting.

May I ask you a few things about the Ilwrath?

Why should we mind? We bear the spidery creatures no ill will.

Without darkness there is no light. Without death there is no birth

and thanks to the Ilwrath there's lots of birth.

This is just my impression, but they seem rather hostile.

Why is that? We have delved most deeply into the dark and greasy heart of the Ilwrath.

And what do you suppose we found there?

Well, we found a torpid, vile, malign, odious, spiteful spirit.

Right, no surprises there.

What did surprise us though, was what we saw when we regressed into their past lives!

It turns out that in their last lives, the Ilwrath were all shining beings of pure light and blissfull love.

They had reached the pinnacle of spiritual evolution and could go no further.

They were perfection.

And then, somehow they got just a tiny bit better

and WHAM, they were all of a sudden totally evil.

Wouldn't you know it, get too perfect and you wrap right around to evil.

That is why we Pkunk strive to be perfect

but always do little bad and annoying things to keep from ending up like the Ilwrath.

When was it that they started attacking you?

When? That's easy.

It was exactly 27 thousand rotations of the 7th planet in the house of Plarty Fum

BEFORE the first alignment of the auspicious constellation of Bis Bis

with the heavenly body of Shamla Sool, which was really only a partial alignment.

I guess you would say 8 years ago.

How are you faring in the fight against them?

We have calculated that at our present rate of attrition

we will exist only on the spiritual plane in a matter of a year or so.

Of course, the physical realm does hold a certain coarse attraction

a material type quaintness, if you will.

We will be somewhat disappointed to have to leave it.

Is there any way to stop the Ilwrath?

Hmmm. An interesting question. The answer would be..YES!

If some benign and loving, yet incredibly destructive and powerful force

were to simultaneously rip off all of their legs and drop their putrid egg sacs into steaming pools of molten metal

that would have the desired result of ending the conflict.

Ah...but I jest. Of course I bear the Ilwrath no ill will

how could I, when I am filled only with love.

Let's talk about something else.

Yes, you're right. Why dwell on the heinous Ilwrath

when we could speak of flowers, rainbows, fairies, and crystal magic.

Did you know, for example, that there is an invisible fairy spirit at this moment sitting on your head

and making humorous faces at me? Ah, the mysteries of the Universe.

Try to understand 'em, but can you?

Nope, they're mysteries!

I wish to enlist you in our fight with the Ur-Quan.

The fight. Always the fight. We Pkunk are Yin and you are Yang.

I suppose the problem is that the Ur-Quan are a little more Yang than you are.

Well, be that as it may, we are sympathetic to your concerns.

We were not always the mystical, aloof and yet caring, enlightened beings that we are now.

We are on a five year mission, to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no... well you get the idea. We're kind of exploring.

I sense a deeper reason, a deeper conflict.

A conflict of immense proportion, a proportion of deeper reason.

A deeper thing that is not too terribly deep.

A conflicting deeper thing.......uh, I'm not really sure what I sense.

Are you sure there isn't something you want to say to me?

Oh... uh, no reason. We thought we'd just take this baby out for a spin... and here we are.

My telepathic sensors are telling me that you are repressing something.

Repress, repress, repress. What is it? Come on. What is it? I see a smile.

You're smiling. Tell Pkunky the secret. Come on, nasty alien gonna tell Birdy Pkunky big secret?

Goodbye guys. See ya later.

Farewell kind human. Return soon.

Do not be frightened. We are powerful creatures, yes

but we could not hurt you anymore than we could squish the helpless Pootworm.

We love the Pootworm. We are one with the Pootworm. We are one with you.

Of course you realize that this means you are one with the Pootworm.


To be one with the Pootworm is to be alive, and why not be alive?

Is that not what living is for?

Greetings and various apropos felicitations! We are Pkunk.

Hatchlings of light, spiritual soul beings of the vast cosmic oneness

wayfarers on the river of destiny, students of the mystical dimensions

purveyors of blissful love, birdlike manifestations of glorious light energies from the astral plane.

How about yourselves?

I sense that you are cautious.

You feel that you are not yet ready to enter into the fullness of our compassion.

I say to you, Let go!!

Travel to our planet of love at the star you call Gamma Krueger

and share the brightness of your soul with us.

Unburden yourself of fears, become as a child once again

release yourself to tears of joy!

Go. Go now, young one. Go quickly!

Auspicious portents and serendipitous omens have foretold your arrival.

Welcome alien guest to the home of the gentle and playful Pkunk

Children of the Cosmic Light

Hobgoblins of Joy

Seekers of Spiritual Truth

and other neat stuff like that.

Oh jubilation and moderate amounts of spiritual-type ecstasy, our sensitive

friend and intimate soulmate has returned to our homeworld, bringing with

him his most beautiful aura and radiant smile. How do you fare, Captain?

Welcome back, Captain, to our humble planet. It is good, once again, to merge our

chakras with the totality of your spiritual essence. We speak, of course,

metaphorically. How can we best be of aid to you?

Ah. So once again you come to our region of space.

All are welcome to our nest. We are Pkunk, we cannot help but love all.

Share our joy. Share our love. Are we not Pkunk?

Yes, I said we were and so we are. Ha ha!!

I must laugh and sing for the sheer joy of it!

This is our way.

Ah, Captain human! I was hoping you would return. I have great news!

Were you aware that in one of your previous lives, you were Duke Franz Ferdinand?

It's true! And before that, you were the Egyptian god-pharoah Atum-ta, the sixth?

This is amazing, Captain, just fantastic. Imagine, having been so many important people!

Well, to be frank, your case is not all that unusual.

It just so happens that almost everyone's past lives were as famous, rich or interesting people.

It seems that if you are a turnip farmer, a salesman, or somehing boring like that

you aren't reincarnated. When you die you just kind of... cease.

Isn't the universe a wacky place?

We are seekers of truth. Enlighten us!

Since you are a perceptive individual, you have noticed that we are physiologically similar to the Yehat.

This relationship is not coincidence, for indeed in the Harmonic Realm of Creation, there IS no coincidence.

To be more specific, we are an off-shoot of the Yehat species

-- a peaceful, empathic off-shoot! --

which fractured from the Yehat race early in its Space Age.

You see, we create Peace...Tranquility... and Harmony

whereas, the Yehat are birds of prey

who live in a constant balance of terror with their fellow creatures.

Earth Captain. You would be well advised to use caution when traveling in this area.

We must warn you about the presence of a spiritually corrupt and violent race... the Ilwrath.

Ah! I see you already know of them.

The Ilwrath appeared almost eight years ago, following a powerful HyperWave broadcast

supposedly from Dogar and Kazon, the dark gods of Death and Pain.

Ever since, they have ceaselessly attacked our ships and planets.

Over many long years, we have investigated the mysteries of the Universe

the powers of crystal energy

regression into past lives

the truth behind crop circles

and in doing so we have been Transformed!

Although our supply of wisdom is inexhaustable

we have no more specific information that would be helpful to you.

Before we proceed Captain, I must speak. Many of my people have not been

sleeping well these past few nights. In fact, I myself did not sleep well last

night. Well, actually I slept okay in the first part of the night, and then had

a little trouble a little later on, maybe halfway through, until I got up and

had something to eat. Anyway, the reason we're not sleeping is beause of a

dream. Yes, a dream. We have seen that in the center of this region of space,

near stars that form the shape of a cup, and are in a constellation that begins

with the letter C and ends with the letter S, and whose letters rearranged

spell Asteric, two great armadas fight. One of black ships, the other of green.

Our dream tells us that if the black ships should win this fight, they will

destroy all life in this region. Captain, they are winning now. If there is

anything you can do to stop them, you must do it... please! Okay, that's all I

wanted to say.

Avast! Delinquent Alien Birds. You are now being conquered.

Ah. Yes. Well. At least you are honest.

Uh, excuse me if I may be so bold, but exactly why do you want to conquer us?

I conquer for the greater glory of the {Alliance name}

Did you say the {Alliance name}? We Pkunk have long loved the {Alliance name}. It's our favorite alliance!

It is regrettable, but your resources are needed to fight the war against the Ur-Quan

It sounds like a good cause

but perhaps attacking a peaceful race is not the best way to begin a new, enlightened order.

Enough! One more word and I will simply open fire. I have come here to conquer you and conquered you shall be.

You have chosen unwisely, Captain.

Oh heck. Let's just forget it. I couldn't hurt you guys.

When I first looked at you, Captain, I knew that you were an advanced soul.

I turned to my first officer, Chrupp, and said

`Chrupp, would you just look at that creature's aura! It's magnificent!'

`the soft blues... the gentle greens... the unusual shades of chartreuse and ocher!'

`This human must be on the side of Truth and Light, Chrupp, he must!'

And then Chrupp said, `Just in case, I am raising shields and warming up the guns.'

I don't think Chrupp likes you, Captain.

Happy Days and Jubilation!

We dance the Extreme Frolic and ruffle our feathers in a wild pattern!

Why, you ask? Why do we do these craazy things?

Because the Ilwrath have departed our stars! We are no longer at war!

Whoopdy Dee and Trolly Bazoo!

Duty calls. I must go now.

Yes, by all means, if duty is calling. I'm sure we'll see each other again.

Perhaps when the stars are aligned in an appropriate configuration. Yes, my

inner voice is telling me that is correct. When the stars align, Captain...

Hold your tongue! My psychic tendrils coalesce your thoughts from the very ether.

You have come here to ask for something... what can it be?

Aha! You wish us to give you more of our starships! Let it be so.

If you return in a year's time, perhaps we will be able to give you some more.

Hello Captain!

We were just getting four of our Fury starships ready for you as a little gift and

alas! You do not possess sufficient room in your fleet for all of the ships we wish to give you.

Ah, well. We shall have to do the best we can.

Where are all your ships?

The time has come, Captain, for our reunification with the Yehat.

We must proceed. We have checked all our chakras and observed our auras.

We are prepared for the great melding of we Pkunk with our Yehat siblings.

Rejoice with us, Captain!

Return! Our most mystical device, the, er... Ouija Board, indicated NO when asked about your trip.

Hmm... this is an ominous portent.

We must consult our spirit guides before proceeding.

Unfortunately, we will have to return home to do this properly.

Tkank you for your concern.

Where are your ships, now?

Our wise brothers and sisters have decided that this moment, though auspicious

is not quite auspicious enough

and as a consequence have decided to return home.

We have decided that our Yehat siblings are in need of our love and good counsel.

We have waited far too long to return home and heal the wound that has kept our race apart these many centuries.

When we arrive in the Serpentis constellation, we will greet our Yehat brethren with warm hugs of affection

which I am sure shall be returned in kind.

Don't you know this is the, um... year of the Swollen Moon? Bad time to travel!

It IS?!

We are so glad you warned us!

No time to lose! We'll see you back in our home star systems


Where are your ships, now?

Twice before we have been dissuaded from returning to our ancestral nest

from joining our long-lost Yehat brothers and sisters.

This time we shall not fail.

Wait! I am experiencing deja vu! This has all happened before.

You have asked me where our fleets are, and I have answered

that they are returning from their aborted migration to join our Yehat brethren

but wait... haven't I said this to you before?

We have set out to return home -- home to our loving, but misguided brothers and sisters.

Please do not try to stop us this time. We are firm in our resolve.

We are dedicated to returning home to heal our dysfunctional species structure.

We understand that you mean well, but there is nothing you can do to dissuade us this time.

Frankly, Pkunk, I believe the Yehat will barbecue your peaceful crusaders. Recall them, please!

Your concern for our well-being touches us... makes us love you even more.

Come here, Captain. Give us a hug.

There. Feel better?

Can't you see now that we are right, and you are wrong?

Please don't worry. Everything will turn out all right.

Um..., why don't you wait until next year?

Captain... young, immature, naive Captain. We know what we are doing.

Trust us.

Look. Your ships will be slaughtered when they reach the Yehat. Order them home.

Perhaps you are right. Maybe this whole thing is a stupid mistake.

I know what I should do! I should call up all our ships right now and...

Wait! What was that? What just flew past my window?

Why it was a sneegel bird! What would a sneegel bird be doing so far from its flock this time of year?

I have never seen such a thing... it must be... AN OMEN!

Yes! An omen! Can't you see, Captain?!

We are the sneegel! We have been separated from our flock, from our Yehat family!

Oh joyous day! Oh happy BGAK! Our path is carved in holy stone!

We cannot be moved. Farewell Captain, farewell!

Suit yourself.

And now we return to the golden path. Our Yehat brethren await.

Your trip is fruitless. The Yehat will blow you out of the stars.

No, we are certain that our Yehat siblings are spiritually prepared for our reunion.

We shall proceed.

Wait! You have left your homes open to invasion!

Nothing but material possessions, Captain.

We Pkunk, having risen to the ninty-ninth psychic plane, plus a tad

are far beyond trapping our spiritual needs with crude matter.

Wait! Say nothing, loathsome creature of dark and unnatural vibrations

lest you disturb my peaceful and loving state of mind.

Ah... but it is too late. I must quickly destroy you

so that I may return to my state of compassionate bliss.

Cosmic Disturbance! Cosmic Disturbance!!

It is arising from something in the vicinity - some creature of unwholesome habits and loathsome nature.

Wait! The trance of PLAM PRIKKY overcomes me and clarifies my vision.

I open my eyes and turn my head...YES. There it is before me. The creature I sensed.

Now I am exhausted and must rest.

Ensign, destroy this creature's ship at once.

I shall be in my chambers, recuperating.

Yes. Yes. This is just as it was foretold.

You will now open fire on our peaceful, and all but harmless ship

missing us by 2.7 of your metric units.

We will then regrettably but efficiently destroy you and continue on our way.

Ah, but perhaps you are alarmed by our prescience.

Yes. Sometimes it amazes even us Pkunk.

So it is you!

Once again your negative energy threatens to overwhelm my delicate senses.

I reel.

Almost I am unable to press the button to activate my ship's armaments.

The pain, the agony!For the sake of all that is good and lovely, I must reach the button

must reach it!...

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