Orz Quotes

*Happy campers* are the best. It is *happy*

HOLD IT! I'm getting sick of this stupid dialog!

Who wrote this stuff -- a five year old?

Okay, okay. I'll try it again *sigh*...

...*Happy* campers are best. It is good to *smell* you again...





Hello extremely! I hope you like to *play*.

Some *campers* are not so good for *games*.

Is it time for *playing* yet?

Pleasant *combinations*! We have been *anticipating* about you.

Do you like *parties*? We do several times, and so much the better.

So much *juicy*! Let's have *party time* sooner.

Hi. You seem like good *campers*.

Perhaps we can do *snappy fun* with you everytime.

Who are you? What can you tell us about yourselves?

Who are you? You are not Orz! We are Orz! Orz are happy *people energy* from the outside.

Inside is good. So much good that Orz will always *germinate*.

Can you come together with Orz for *parties*?

Okay, right. Uh... maybe you could tell me why you are here.

Here is *bright* and *smooth*. The other place is *hurt* Orz too much tired for keeping together.

Other place is **Frumple**. Orz are here now, but almost not yet.

Soon Orz are really here! You are help Orz with *parties*.

Orz looking for you, and find you. So much joy!!

Now *smooth* place all the time, and after now never going back to outside.


I am Captain {Name}, of the starship {Ship name}. We are having translation problems.

Yes, of course. Difficulty. Problems are difficult.

Let's be *special* together. *Spicy games* are always fun.

You seem like friendly fellows. Perhaps you could aid us in our mission?

Yes. Yes. We are too friendly.

Extremely happy *sisters* should correct each other for *celebration*.

So much enjoyment!

Shall we come to your *house* so that we can be *relatives*?

I am not quite sure, but I think the answer is no.

Disappointing *conclusions*.

Maybe we can play *alliance* another happy day.

I will tell *Orz puppies* to wait for *camping*.

No point in rushing into anything. Let us think about it some more.

Yes! Think and then do! You will tell us soon. Soon is now.

*Parties* can be so much fun for other reasons.

*Alliance* is good.

You seem very... uh, trusting. Why is that?

We are not trusting. We like to be *together*.

Do you want to be *together* with us?

Always the other *sad animals* go away, but first we have lots of fun.

Too many fun is not enough!! Do you agree?

I think you *smell* like you do.

This is the story about trusting.

It is sad and makes many Orz *dissolve* or burst into several.

Why is it that you are trusting? What a funny question.

I am tired.

Do not attempt any hostilities or you will be immediately destroyed.

If you are *sick* you should have a *party*.

We can come and *play* at your *house*.

We have no time for childish nonsense. We require information. Comply at once.

*Dangerous* is not the way! Orz are happy *fun* days all the time.

*Silly cow* is so strange Orz think.

Next *silly cow* are *dissolving* and no more word making in *slow time*.

Then *happy days* are here again.

Orz are not *dissolve*! Why is the *silly cow* say Orz are *dissolving*?

Too much crazy perhaps. You are so sick even for a *party*.

Again I am *squeezing* the *juice*. Nnnggaaaahhh!!

It does not even helping.

We are not *dead*. Orz is never *dead*.

Orz is thinking *silly cow* are want to *dance*.

Orz can *dance* very well in between

but not as much fun as *parties*.

Our charts show this as Androsynth space. Do you know what happened to them?

Androsynth are not here. Orz are here.

You are not the same too much like Androsynth. You are *happy campers*.

Do you want to see our surprising toys*? No!! Do Not!!

Androsynth are so silly. We do not *tell stories* a lot about them.

No more Androsynth stories.

What happened?? Dammit, what did you do to the Androsynth?!!

Nnnnnngaaaa!!!! I am *squeezing* the *juice*.

You have become too close. You are *sick* for the last time!

Nnnnnnggggaaaaaa!! It is not enough for *happy days* I am sure.

More and more *juice!*

Androsynth are not the story!!

Uh, that's okay. I didn't really care about them so much anyway.

Ahaa! I am told other Orz *cousins* you are *connected* for *camping*.

I am so right!

It is happiest days not to care about Androsynth anything.

So now we can be *together* for friendly *dessert*.

I am so right. I will tell them again.

Uh... I presume you are talking about an alliance. Yes, we are very interested.

Jumping *peppers*!! This is *smiley* time!

You are *campers* after all!!

We will start alliance *parties* for better enjoyment!

You get make the *heavy space* Orz ships and use *GO! GO!* for the *dancing*!

Uh... hi there. Nice to see you again... I think.

That is *funny*. You think you *see* Orz but Orz are not *light reflections*.

Maybe you think Orz are *many bubbles* too. It is such a joke.

Orz are not *many bubbles* like *campers*. Orz are just Orz.

I am Orz. I am one with many *fingers*.

My *fingers* reach through into *heavy space* and you *see* *Orz bubbles*

but it is really *fingers*.

Maybe you do not even *smell*? That is sad.

*Smelling* *pretty colors* is the best *game*.

Perhaps you have not been to the *Playground*.

The *Playground* is for Taalo and for Orz, but *Campers* can go.

It more fun than several.

You can go there for too much fun.

Hello! I will say again for extra enjoyment. So much a fun game.

Hello! Hello! Next I will *spit* *slow time* words to you for better *dancing*.

Do you know? Orz can *dance* very well.

Now you are a *happy camper* and Orz can make *heavy space* ships for *dancing*.

Orz ships have the *GO! GO!*. Do you know?

These are best for letting go near *heavy space* planet bodies.

Then *GO! GO!* can going fastest to enter ships of the *other*.

Then it is *happy time*.

Even more *pleasant combinations*. I am *successful* the most.

Perhaps after the biggest *party* you will understanding the Orz

and I can showing you other *levels*.

There are so many, but you only *play* on this one.

One is not enough.

We are *friends* now. Never be afraid to *open* enough and *spread the wax*.

I'm still not exactly clear on who you are and where you're from.

You are a *silly* *camper*. I am always Orz.

If I was not Orz, then I would not be, but of course I am Orz.

We are from *outside*. Also the Arilou *quick babies* are from *outside*.

It is the same, but not.

Orz are from *below*, Arilou are from *above*.

Orz does not like Arilou. Arilou are too much trouble.

We can not have parties when Arilou always *jumping in front*.

It makes Orz *frumple* so much.

*Happy campers* not going to *heavy space* *slide* near Chandrasekhar.

Especially not ever!

These are *fat* words. Do you want to play this some more?

I will tell again the many *pieces*. You do not know *special things*.

Here is some. *Time* is not one but many.

*Space* is many. *Colors* are many. You are so *sticky*.

You cannot *slide* like Orz from *outside* to *inside* and *in between*.

It is sad, but Orz can *pull* the *campers* after being *connected*.

This is soon.

Orz are trying to *pull* the Androsynth, but they are so *silly*, they do not want.

Arilou can *slide*. Also Taalo. Many can *slide*, but Orz are better of course.

Here is *good news*!

Six or nine *pieces* ago, myself the Orz did not even *smell* your *level*.

Can you believe? It is so silly! It is such a *happy town*.

Then the Androsynth made some *slippery places* and then Orz can *smell* it.

It *smells* so good Orz are surprised!

I, myself pushed the *fingers* into the *new town* and there are so many *campers*.

First the VUX, but they are such *silly cows*

they ask so much about the Androsynth we must *dance* with them.

Then we can *smell* the Arilou. Again they are *jumping in front*.

It is always! Nnnnggaaahhhhh!

There is *juice squeezing* and then we are not so *frumple*.

Finally we find you, the *happy campers* and the Taalo *playground* for sliding through.

Where are the Taalo? There they are. It is too much fun.

We are too happy, in this *slow time* *heavy space*. It is a better *level* for games.

This is the everything story. Now you know.

I am already telling the everything story. It is too much.

You do not asking about us the many.

Next it is the *party* and you will *become*.

It is best.

After this you are so *happy* you do not ask the many questions.

Do you anticipate? Yes! You do!

I am too *tired* the *silly* word *game*.

Now please don't get mad, but what DID happen to the Androsynth?

I am say best word *frumple*. Maybe you do not know.

*Frumple* be *round* and yet *lumpy*. So bad!!!

The asking about Androsynth is so *frumple* we are not happy.

Do not asking it so much.

It is better not to *frumple* or else there is so much problems.

No more Androsynth is better.

Just tell me this. Are we in for the same fate as them?

You are not same. You are *happy campers*, but already you know.

I will not talking about *silly Androsynth*, now is stop asking.

If you are say the question another time

it is *frumple* too much and Orz are *dancing* for *dissolving* the *campers*.

I am clear!!

You are not so *silly*!

Okay, okay, you don't want to talk about the Androsynth. If you did, what would you say?

Nnnnnggggaaaahhhhh!!!!!! It is *dancing*!!!!

Well, it's been.... uh... well, I'm afraid I have to go now. Do you understand?

Going. Yes. Orz is go with you same place for *party*.

Nobody is forget.

Next is *alliance* *party*. Always promise is good to keep.

So much pleasure is coming, Orz and the you is change together as soon as *camping* is started.

You are not even aware, and then everyone is so happy.

You are not forget. *Alliance* is promise.

Orz are wait.

I am *expanding!* It is so much *squishy* to *smell* you!

*Campers* are the best! I have *anticipation* and then what?

Better parties in *the middle* for sure.

I could talk all day, but I really must go.

Yes! We do! Goodbye is the *Game*. Hello!! I am only joke.

It is funny enough. Do not forget to *enjoy the sauce*!!!

Hello to our *house*. Do you feel *better* yet?

If you are *campers* you will enjoy *the change*, but maybe not yet.

It is best if many happy Orz are coming to your *house*.

Let's *spitting* the fun words for several *pieces* and then surprising things!!!

This is my *house*. Do you want to know a *secret*? Do not *think* it too *not campers*.

You are so many *lonely* *juicy* *bubbles*. It is so sad.

Now that you are *campers* you will have more *parties*

and no more *sad* *lonely* *bubbles*.

This is the *secret*.

Happy to come to my *house* some more times. I am Orz.

I do not have the name because I am Orz. Orz is the name.

Do you want to *squirt*?

If you want to, then you do. It is best, I know it.

Who is it? It is the *not Campers*.

Maybe you have come to Taalo *playground* for a *picnic*.

No!!! It is not the case! *Silly Cows* can never have a *picnic*.

Of course. Not even a *party*.

If you are gone, Orz can have *fun* some more.

I am not expecting, and then what? Again the *Silly Cows*.

You think that the *playground* is a *fun* place?

I will explain. It is not.

Now it is explained. Of course you understand.

It is enough talking the words. You are leaving.

Happy *pieces*! I am *squirting nice colors*!

Why? The reason.

*Camper friends* have come to Taalo *playground*.

Why are you coming to this?

I *smell* you so much. *Campers* are pleasant.

You are coming again to the *playground*.

We can have extra *fun* for future *parties* in *quick time*.

Why are you here at this planet?

This answer is not for *Silly Cows*.

You do not know Taalo. Taalo are not the *friends*.

You are coming to the *playground* and then making words.

Always you make Orz *squeezing juice*. We do not have enough.

I do not want to *smell* you now.

I will tell. This is Taalo *playground*. Do you know?

Taalo is not anymore the *heavy space*. Many *camper* lives they are not here.

To *play* with Taalo, Orz must *spread* into *Pretty Space*.

There are so many good places for this here, Orz are happy.

Of course you do not know Taalo. You are *Campers*.

You cannot going to *Pretty Space*, too bad.

What do you mean by `playground'?

Yes. Yes. You say words, then I say.

It is fun *in between*. More fun than *dancing*.

Many *gravity centers* in *heavy space* make good *party places*.

This is why we like the *New Town*. So many *Campers* and then what?

Even the *playgrounds*! Such a surprise!

At this *playground*, Taalo are making *Time jokes*. It is too funny for the Orz.

Taalo are in *heavy space* and next what?

They spread to *Pretty Space* because Dnyarri are chasing them.

Now Dnyarri are sleeping, so Orz can *chase* them.

Then we can have a *party*. They are even better *campers* than you.

Do not feeling bad. You are good enough *campers*, but not yet.

Why explaining? You are not a *camper*! You are too *hard*!

If you want *words with fluid* then you must be *Campers*!

Of course you are so *silly*. That is too much. Do not asking about *playgrounds*.

*Silly* name is Gamma Vulpeculae.

If you want to be a *camper* you can go to my *house*.

I demand that you allow us to land on the surface.

NNNNgggggaaahhhhh!!!!!! You are *frumple*! You are silly!!

Is this happy? NO!!! I cannot *spit* words with *Cows*!

There is no demanding!

We will *dance* now for several *pieces*.

You are not *spitting* happy words. Demand is not happy.

If you want to going onto *playground* then *happy words* are best.

Do you understand the most?

It is so simple.

May we do a bit of exploring on the planet's surface?

You are ask if Orz are upset? Orz are not upset.

You are *happy campers*. Certainly you are only *slow time* *walkers*.

It is not fun on the surface in *slow time*.

If you want to go, that is okay.

Only *campers* can go to the *playground*.

*Alliance parties* are often a good idea for better *parties*.

Even for *picnics*.

Do you want to be *campers* for the *friendly days*?

All right, all right. We'll be `campers'. How do we do that?

*Jumping Peppers!* I am *squirting* more *nice colors*.

It is the best way!

You will be very happy *campers*. Do not be *terrified*.

It is better as *campers*.

You must going to my *house* to start *camping*.

It is 371.3, 253.7 location.

We are so busy here for starting the *campers*!

What are you busy doing?

Busy is because Orz have reason. It is secret for *campers*.

You must going quickly to my *house*.

It is too bad you cannot **HYUIVBHJHG** there

but flying the *heavy* ship is okay.

Perhaps next we will show you our toys. But do not look!!!

Now you will go to my *house*.

It's been swell, but I must be going now.

This is my *house.* Did you come to *play*?.

Do not be sad if you are *other*. We can still have a *party*.

There are never enough *campers*.

You want to *take* *silly* words in *slow time*. It is okay.

I will *spit* words and then perhaps it is the *party*.

Welcome to my *house* or *other house*.

It is a joke! Only it is my *house*.

Again you have come to my *house*. It is the same time.

Why are you coming? Do you always the *slow time*?

I am surprised!

Oh well. Now is for *fun time*, not worrying.

We have reconsidered the idea of an alliance between our peoples.

So much the better! Orz have been waiting for *alliance* time.

I will show you the inside.

It is so good that you will never leave.

Oh, I am so excited for expecting *alliance parties*.

Yes! Yes! Reconsider is best.

Oh, the *alliance party* *campers* are in the *now space*.

It is *happy spices*. Why are you there?

Of course because also the Orz are in the *now space*.

So I am waiting for you to *spit*. It is a pleasure.

*Campers* like to say `hello' when they *smell* the Orz.

We have learned this. It is *no function* but Orz want to make *campers* happy everyday.

Okay... Hello!! Now you are happy I am sure.

*Extra sick fish* need *special training* for extra *fun*.

We will have a *happy party* now.

Orz are find you! You do not *play* with Orz so it is not even *happy town*.

Orz are think that *dissolving* is a better chance for you.

This is a good plan. Orz are accomplishing this for better *games*.

Now is time for *dissolving*. So many times Orz are say 'Hello, we are Orz', but next is always same.

Certainly you are *silly cows*.

Now is try again for *dissolving*.

Of course this is best for extra fun.

After *dissolved*, *silly cows * will not be *frumple*

and Orz will have *special sauce*, not the *juice*.

You have come to our *house* but we cannot *play* the fun *games* with you.


You are not even *campers*. Why are you coming to our *house*?

We cannot *smell* you even a little.

So much trouble in *slow time* is not the best.

You are not *connected*! Too many times I speak the *silly* words in *slow time*.

No more speaking.

Next you must *dissolve* and *become* the second time.

Orz will help you *dissolving*.

You appear to be upset. Have I offended you somehow?

Orz is upset! Not one the many!

We are *squeezing* the *juice*!

You are showing that you are not *happy campers*

and so Orz cannot have the *party*.

Orz need *party* or there is no fun and we are *frumple* everyday.

This is so sad, Orz is upset of course.

Too many times explaining the silly words.

How many time? One? Two? Three? Seven?

Orz are ready to find new *friends*. You do not want to *play*.

Do not coming to our *house*.

Look, let's just try to work this out peacefully, okay?

*Sorry* is good fun. Yes, we are see it is the *game*.

You are strangest *campers*, but Orz is understand now.

We will come to your *house* and we will be *sorry* too.

Then is *partytime*.

Oh, the funny *joke* is *sorry*. There are no more *silly cows*.

This is *happy town* after all!

You are a dangerous species. We want nothing to do with you.

If anyone is going to do any `dissolving' around here it's going to be you!

That's it! I've had it! You're dead.

You are just too darn strange. I'm out of here.

Orz cannot be strange. Orz is Orz. Strange is other thing.

You are the *silliest cow* even more so.

At least you can *dance* with Orz.

After the dancing Orz think you will make good *special sauce*.

Maybe even for other Orz *party*, so do not be sad.

I am so sad myself. You are not here and then I do not think of *parties*.

Oh well. It is so much excitement for the next time.

You must leave now so then you must come back.

Yes. I understand very well.

Finally you are *absorbing*. I am tired of *spitting* the meaning.

Go. It is *happy days* after you are gone.

Then I will have enough *juice*.

So much the better.

Nnnnnngaaaa!!!! I am *squeezing* the *juice*.

More and more *juice!*

You are *sick* for the last time!

Nnnnnggggaaaahhhhh!!!!!! It is *dancing*!!!!

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