Arilou Quotes

Do you really believe Project Bluebook revealed EVERYTHING the Army Air Corps knew?

Do you know what REALLY happened at Roswell, New Mexico in the late 1940's?

Have you even heard about the Men in Black?

Do you have any friends who have `missing days'?

Do you sleep with your window unlocked?

Be seeing you...

Hello my little one. I am so pleased to see you!

You have done well for yourself.

It is gratifying.

You sound as if you know me. Have we met?

I forget myself. Of course you don't know me. You are from Unzervalt, not Earth.

We are, however, how shall I say, related.

It has been many of your years since I have been to our planet Earth.

We are known among your kind by many names... some of them flattering, some of them not.

The one we use most often was given to us by the children of the Celts. A wonderful culture!

They called us the Arilou... the Arilou Lalee'lay.

More recently we were part of the Alliance of Free Stars, along with your kind

until we decided to return to our own....oh, how would you say... reality

when it became clear that your people would be safe enough under the Ur-Quan slave shield.

I know who you are! You're Arilou!! We've wondered what happened to your people for a long time.

You are very clever!

Yes, I am Arilou Lalee'lay and I suppose it has been a very long time since you've met one of my kind.

I imagine you humans are still very short lived. How sad.

Ah well. To answer your question, we chose to cease our efforts with the Alliance of Free Stars

when it seemed that there was no longer any threat to our Earthlings.

I am pleased to see that you, from outside the slave shield, survived. You seem healthy.

I'll be. It's the Arilou. Why the hell did you run out on the Alliance of Free Stars? What happened?

You're annoyed. How interesting.

It has been so long since I dealt with Humans. I had forgotten what it was like.

Now let's see, how shall I best appease you? Yes, if I remember, an honest answer would help.

We didn't exactly 'run out' on the Alliance.

We chose to leave when there was no longer a reason to stay.

You humans seemed safe enough under the Ur-Quan slave shield.

In fact, we rather liked the idea and wished we had thought of it ourselves.

For your safety of course.

Ah... our human friend. Please, let us chat a while.

It has been so many years since I last visited your Earth

so long since I glided across your open fields under the light of a full moon.

Tell me of Earth. Tell me what I have... oh, I forget myself... how silly.

You were born on the distant world Unzervalt.

I have visited there much more recently.

Hello my clever child. We have met again and I am pleased.

Your people are so beautiful... so unspoiled.

Your instincts are like perfume... your motives a shimmering crystal.

Last night as you slept, I touched your face and you smiled!...

but now you frown. A pity. Smiling is healthier.

Did you desire this meeting, Captain, or did we?

Ha-ha! Our clever ward has found our nook in *time*!

You are the first, brave human! No others have made the trip.

This is our homeworld, Falayalaralfali, nestled safe in this TrueSpace eddy.

The portal you passed through is a rarity, a natural point of interdimensional fatigue.

We use these phenomena to speed our transit through the realities.

We are wondering, have you met with the Umgah recently?

We entrusted an injured Talking Pet into their care

and we were curious about its progress.

Welcome back to Falayalaralfali, Captain.

Perhaps, in the fullness of time we will let you visit the surface of our world.

There are many beauties here unmatched anywhere... the Mountain Clouds of Thought

the Tangible Wish... the Dark. Unfortunately, you are not yet... acclimated.

Premature exposure to these would render you... numb.

Hello. We are pleased to see you again. Have you any numbness yet?

Good. It should be too soon for that. Too soon by far.

Welcome, Captain. The Arilou Lalee'lay of Falayalaralfali are always pleased to see you.

What exactly IS your connection with Earth and Humans, anyway?

You are curious. That is a promising quality.

How can I describe our relation to Humans?...

Never doubt our motives, Captain. Your well-being is of paramount concern to every Arilou.

Surely you know, that it was the day after Humanity joined the Alliance Of Free Stars

that we appeared in the open for the first time. This was no coincidence.

We wanted to protect you. Once we saw that you were...well, safe

we decided to tend to other business for a short while.

Believe me, Captain, we have known each other for a very long time.

You might even say that we knew the first human.

I'm still confused about our relationship. Please elaborate.

You have painted our pictures on cave walls, erected standing stones and pyramids for us.

You have wondered at our signs to each other in your wheat fields

and written books about our more personal endeavors

when we allowed you to recall our examinations.

We have a history together, Captain, and you have come a long way.

But I must tread carefully. You are not ready for everything

and I fear that you would not understand what was best for you.

As you know, we never revealed where in the galaxy one could find our homeworld.

There was a good reason. We are not from your space, or your... *time*.

Some of your more broad thinkers refer to such realms as other dimensions.

Though trivialized, this is a suitable metaphor for your intellect.

Perhaps you know of the Orz. Like us, they are dimensional travellers

but that is where our similarity ends.

Do not trust the Orz, my Human Captain. They are dangerous.

But as to your question... our relationship

To call our interaction with your kind an experiment would be much too simple and impersonal.

Let us just say that we have a vested interest in your... development.

You are one of our... extended family, just as other sentients in other dimensions

have their extended families.

We are proud of you as you would be of your children, and some day

well, I have said too much already.

You already know more than is appropriate. In fact, you may represent an unfortunate complication.

You have been in the stars for much time. Do you seek the doorway, or are you just passing through?

Remember, you can only go over naturally for the three days it is open.

How to find it? Look on your starmap from 17 through 20. The variable star shall be your guide.

What are you doing here, in this region of space?

We are many places, at many *times*. This place is an easy place... one of the ten easy places.

At different times, we explore different easy places. That is our way.

Oh! I can see from the look in your eyes that I have confused you. I am silly.

Please disregard my words.

What are you exploring for in these `easy places'?

We seek to trap *Nnngn*, but they dart and leap.

YOU cannot trap *Nnngn*... do not even try.

I do not think you can even touch them; you are not quite solid enough.

Okay, you trap these nungy things. Then what?

Why we let them go, of course! *Nnngn* do not like to be confined!

Captain, these things we talk about... they are unimportant to you... they are as dreams.

Our words should address your universe... not ours.

We still struggle against the Ur-Quan. Can you help us?

With ships and weapons... blood and bones... no.

Too many shipmates were forcibly... discorporated.. in the last conflict.

Our cooperation is not necessary. You are the focus.

However, knowledge transcends reality perimeters, and this we can share with you.

An example: to discover the nature of the red probes

seek creatures who inhabit a world with no surface.

Can you give us any more information?

The Mycon change and reform worlds with their Deep Children.

These changes affect others unfortunately.

The fate of your world and your heart relate to these matters.

The carnate forces of Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah are twined about the memory of pain.

They respond to these words.

`Hold! What you are doing to us is wrong! Why do you do this thing?'

The enemy of your enemy is your friend... at least for a time.

Goodbye Arilou.

Farewell child.

You said you had much to give my people. Can you be more specific?

As you know, we live in a dimension adjacent to HyperSpace which we call QuasiSpace.

Our ships move between these dimensions through weaknesses in the inter-dimensional fabric.

Although many such weaknesses, or Portals, exist which lead from our dimension, QuasiSpace

to various locations in HyperSpace, there is only one naturally occurring Portal

which will transport a ship from HyperSpace to QuasiSpace.

We therefore find it convenient to generate our own Portals artificially

with focused dimensional fatigue rays.

As a sign of our long-standing relationship with your species

we would happily fit your vessel with a Portal Spawner of its own

but your ship is so massive, our units would be ineffective. However

we suspect you may find a sufficiently powerful warp pod, the key element in a Portal Spawner

in the wreck of the Ur-Quan Dreadnought on the seventh world at Alpha Pavonis.

Bring that warp pod back here, and we will prepare a Portal Spawner for your vessel.

Can you tell me about that Portal thing again?

Certainly. As a sign of our long-standing friendship with your species

we would be happy to fit your vessel with a Portal Spawner

allowing you to jump from place to place in HyperSpace, without travelling the intervening distance.

However, your ship is so massive, our normal warp pod units are insufficient

but you will find a sufficiently powerful warp pod in the wreck of the Ur-Quan Dreadnought

on Alpha Pavonis VII. Bring that warp pod back here, and we will prepare a Portal Spawner for your vessel.

The prospect of sharing the easy way with you excites us.

If you have found the Ur-Quan Warp Pod, this prospect can be made a reality.

We are so eager to give you our means to traverse reality.

Have you obtained the Warp Pod yet?

I have obtained the Warp Pod unit from the Ur-Quan wreck.

What a surprise!

As we have always said, Humans are a MOST resourceful and clever species.

We are so proud of you! But don't worry that you shall have to wait.

We are prepared. Even now our technical personnel are equipping your ship

with a custom version of our Portal Spawner device.

The device is useable only in HyperSpace. Whenever it is activated

the Spawner will focus several inter-dimensional fatigue beams adjacent to your vessel

opening a temporary hole into QuasiSpace. Move quickly through the Portal!

After your ship has passed into QuasiSpace, you can choose any of the nearby Portals

which lead back to points of interest in HyperSpace, thus sparing you precious time and fuel.

Be keenly aware of this fact! The Spawner requires a great deal of energy to function.

We estimate that each time you use the device, it will consume ten of your fuel units.

You guys are like... invaders from Mars! Weird evil monsters!

No. We seek not to invade, but to pervade. There is a difference.

Your stories of evil creatures... these are just... side effects.

Pay them no heed.

No-no-no-no-no! I'll stop you! You bug-eyed fruitcakes have mutilated your last cow!

We have sought amiable companionship with you, Captain

when we just as easily could have performed such experiments on you.

We shall not fight with our children. Goodbye.

Look, I'm sorry. I made some mistakes. We need you as allies, not as enemies.

We have never been your enemy, though your people may once have thought so.

But we are also not your ally. That would require a degree of involvement in this *time*

which is not presently permissible.

For now, we are simply your friends... who have much to give.

Why should I trust you? You did funny things to that horror writer a while ago, right?

We do many things, few of them funny... at least by our standards.

You do not, CANNOT understand some of what we do, or why.

Therefore, it may be best if you simply consider us... quirky.

What gives your people the right to interfere with mine?

What gives you the right to move, the right to fall?

Some acts are motivated, others are automatic.

Do not presume that you can decide which is which for anyone but yourself

or you will be... disappointed.

Ok, fine, whatever. Just let me leave now, okay?

This matter must be resolved, or many event strands will grow... more complicated.

Your presence is required.

So what DID happen at the end of the War?

Forgive us if we forget the importance you attach to such events as this.

Our... context, is infinitely broader than yours in scope, both in space and *time*.

Nevertheless, to please you I shall try to recall

yes, now I remember. Here is the sequence:

The Ur-Quan fleets have moved through your solar system and you are defeated.

Your people make the choice not to fight with and for the Ur-Quan.

A shield is cast about your world. Your people are now safe. This makes us happy.

The Armada departs your star system and moves toward the remaining Alliance members

ourselves, the Syreen, the Yehat and their adopted Shofixti.

The Yehat and Shofixti withdraw to Delta Gorno, but they do not permit the Syreen to follow.

We are content with the flow of events and leave the area to return here.

From our perspective, this sequence of events ends here.

Well what about the Ur-Quan? What are they up to?

Soon after the Ur-Quan defeated the Yehat and imprisoned the Syreen in Betelgeuse

their siblings arrived to initiate the Doctrinal Conflict.

This battle continues as we speak.

What, exactly, have you been doing on Earth?

You desire honesty. It is given.

We have visited your world for many thousands of years into your species' past.

We have changed things... made modifications.

What did you modify on Earth, AND WHY?!

Our motives are multiple, our desires complex.

Part of what we do on Earth is for your own protection.

There are parasites. Creatures who dwell Beyond.

They have names, but you do not know them. They would like to find you

but they are blind to your presence... unless you show yourselves.

The Androsynth showed themselves, and something noticed them.

There are no more Androsynth now. Only Orz.

This sounds creepy. Please go on.

No. In a way, ignorance is your armor, your best protection.

They cannot see you now. They cannot smell you.

Much of our work with your people involved making you invisible... changing your smell.

If I tell you more, you will look where you could never look before

and while you are looking you can and will be seen.

You do not want to be seen.

You mentioned a Talking Pet. How did you find one?

We are an endlessly curious species, and we spend much of our time on

how should I say, reconnaissance missions.

During one such trip, we witnessed the crash landing of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought

on the surface of Alpha Pavonis VII.

Normally, when an Ur-Quan vessel is disabled, it automatically engages self-annihilation circuits

to prevent other species from learning the Ur-Quan's technological secrets.

In this case, however, these circuits must have failed. The Dreadnought did not disintegrate on impact.

We landed to explore the wreckage, and were amazed to find a survivor... a Talking Pet!

As you may know, the Ur-Quan use these non-sentient creatures for the task of inter-species translation

a task the Ur-Quan find ultimately demeaning.

The Talking Pet was severely injured. We did what we could for the poor creature

but it grew clear that without superior measures, the Talking Pet would die.

We turned to the Umgah, whom we have known for many centuries.

Their bio-science skills are far superior to our own.

The Umgah promised to do what they could, and let us know how the Pet fared.

We have not heard from the Umgah since.

Perhaps, if you are travelling through their stars, you can ask them for us.

We have met the Umgah, and they are acting extremely weird, like zombie-blobbies!

Hmmm... this is disturbing news. They are normally rambunctious to an extreme.

We will send ships to Umgah space to investigate.

We should have some answers in a few days time.

Have you checked the Umgah yet?

Our exploration skiffs have not returned. We are concerned.

Perhaps if you ask later, we will know then.

We have discovered something strange and frightening about the Umgah

When we approached their vessels, we were instantly attacked

and the Umgah made no attempts to contact our ships or respond to our hails.

Using our own psionic sensitivities, we determined that they are under some form of psychic compulsion.

The source of psionic control commands appears to be Beta Orionis, the Umgah's home star.

We sent vessels to investigate this location, but none has returned... we fear they are destroyed.

So what can we do about the psychically zombified blobbies?

We have had no success with our own investigations.

Whatever controls the Umgah is a threat, but we seem unprepared to deal with it.

Perhaps you and your crew are better suited to this mission.

If you choose to go to Beta Orionis, take care, child.

Whatever controls the Umgah now knows of our presence

and it may take measures against us.

The source of the Umgah's compulsion is the Talking Pet you gave the Umgah, but now it is intelligent and exhibits strange powers.

That is very bad news. This creature, a super-intelligent, psychically coercive creature

is very similar to a race of beings which was thought to have vanished over 20,000 years ago.

They were called the Dnyarri, and history tells that they ruled a wide region of this galaxy

for many thousands of years. The Dnyarri were cruel and devious

and when they were finally overthrown by one of their slave-races

they were supposedly exterminated.

Perhaps this Talking Pet is the degenerate product of the Dnyarri.

So what should we do about this Dnyarri creature?

The Dnyarri were the most inimical race this galaxy has known.

In other dimensions, other *times*, there are far, far worse beings

but they do not threaten you at the present time.

During their reign, the Dnyarri possessed absolute power over all intelligent species in this region.

They used their slaves for all menial tasks and many forms of depraved entertainment.

If the Talking Pet we gave to the Umgah has attained the coercive abilities of its ancestors

we must assume that other Talking Pets can do likewise.

Therefore the creature must be considered the most dangerous being in the galaxy.

Its destruction is necessary... unless

you can find some way to gain control over the creature!

If you could do this you would have a powerful weapon against the Ur-Quan.

Of course, if you made one mistake, you would be the Dnyarri's slave forever.

Hey looky what we've got. The Talking Pet!

So you do, my clever child!

You must have obtained some sort of psionic nullifier, am I right?

What a fine weapon the Dnyarri will be against the Ur-Quan, your enemy.

But I warn you, beware! You now possess one of the most powerful creatures in the history of your galaxy

and also one of the most evil... as you judge evil.

We warn you, do not believe anything the Dnyarri says.

It speaks only the lies it believes will convince you to set it free

and that you must NEVER do.

Goodbye my Arilou friends.

Goodbye clever child.

You have found our world. We did not see this

and now it is too late to adjust without damage

but perhaps the situation can be resolved in another way.

The answer lies within your next statement.

I think it would be best if I killed you now.

Instinct. Instinct. Instinct. Always the instinct.

We have said all there is to be said.

We would prefer your immediate departure, but are prepared for your attack.

Your behavior is clearly inimical. We resist discorporation.

Further contact between ourselves is pointless.

Seek death in other corners. Leave us.

We cannot fathom your reason, therefore you must be acting upon simple instinct.

Perhaps this is our fault. We have always loved instinct

even though we possess none ourselves.

Do you have too much instinct, human? Does your species? We shall see.

Human. You flail at the wind. Cease your violence.

Would you hurt your pet? Your child? Your beast?

Please... rethink your posture.

C'mon, let's fight... Freak Face!

We will never choose to fight you, child.

Aughhh! I am sorry! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!

If you wish to make atonement... seek a strangely shaped rock or plant.

However, should you wish to change the nature of our relationship

seek the Arilou in QuasiSpace. You can make the transit at 43.8 : 637.2

but only when the door is open.


When you have resolved your conflict, we shall speak again.

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